Salon International de l'Immobilier et de l'Investissement de Montréal | Exhibitors
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First international real estate and investment exhibition in North America

Property developers and real estate agents

The ideal exhibition for promotion, sale or rental of your residential (houses, condos, income properties, timeshares, home exchanges, etc.) and commercial (shopping centers, farms, etc.) real estate products and services.Whatever the product (condominium, house, land, island, land) and whatever the service (sale, rental, timeshare or other) this exhibition will make your dreams not only possible but accessible!


A global economy for everyone!

Come and offer your vast experience in the field of the franchise, to a mass market!

Stand out in this competitive, global market full of opportunities!


Banks, trusts, insurance companies and private lenders come to offer their products and services to a clientele of investors from around the world.

Visitors come to negotiate a line of credit, a mortgage loan, an insurance policy, a personal loan with specialists of the financial world, everything under the same roof!


What a great platform to present your genius!
Whether it is by the novelty or the uniqueness of the product or service offered, your ingenuity and your creativity, the exhibition will provide you with the necessary visibility as well as all the tools facilitating your financial success: visitors, financial specialists, investors!

Embassies and consulates

Embassies and consulates will come from all around the world to support and enable the development of financial and real estate products and services of their region of the world!

Real estate agents and brokers

The dream real estate exhibition!

Business people from all around the word will be on site!

“New blood” in a specialized environment, nothing can equal this!

Something unheard of in North America!

Airline companies and travel agencies

Come to showcase your different destinations, packages, and promotions all over the world!

Take advantage of this platform to highlight the comfort and the efficiency, services and skills of your company.


Notaries, lawyers, accountants and other professionals are not only welcome but necessary in this large-scale exhibition.

You will have people from everywhere working in the fields of real estate and investment at your fingertips.

Visitors, these professionals are just a few of the key people in your success! They are the experts in their field!

Want to invest? Have questions? Come and direct them to the right people on the spot!