SIIMIN | Real Estate Properties – Investment
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Real Estate Properties – Investment

The First international Exhibition in Latin America

On September 16, 17 and 18, 2022, at the Convention Center, Las Americas, Cartagena, Colombia

Do not miss this opportunity to achieve: !

Discover trade opportunities abroad and meet ambassadors and consuls with their trade delegations.

Connect with the largest real estate agencies in the world, to access products and services (residential and commercial)

Find investment products

Meet emerging companies with new, innovative and revolutionary ideas.

Meet investors (financial institutions, insurance companies, trusts, investment funds, etc.) willing to listen and develop your business idea.

Develop your business idea by having specialized financing channels that allow you to reduce the time and effort of approval with agile and reliable feasibility studies.

Talk to professionals about real estate related issues (notaries, lawyers, accountants, etc.) and get advice to make decisions.

How to get involved?

As an exhibitor, sponsor or visitor?

Exhibitors, the real estate exhibition of your dreams! This exhibition will attract new clientele, impossible to reach without this event.

Sponsors, a partnership that can offer you credibility and visibility.

Visitors, you will find all the products and services you need to satisfy your wishes and needs!